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Appointment Prep


how can you prepare for your appointment?

We want you to have the best experience possible at Sugar Society. In order to do this, we need your help prior to your appointment. Take a look at the preparation list below so you can leave feeling beautiful and empowered. Please be punctual to ensure we can do the desired service and do it well.

Getting Ready

SUGARing How to

All Hair should be about 1/4 inch all around, meaning no hairs shorter than 1/4th inch.  Equal to a pinkie nail or a grain of rice, or at least 12 days after shaving.


For anything longer than this, we recommend trimming, ONLY with a guard on your trimmer. Do not not not make your hair too short. If your hair is too short to perform the service there is a 50% charge and your service will have to be rescheduled.   

SUGARing 411

Sugaring is an all natural, less abrasive form of hair removal containing only sugar, lemon and water. The technique is performed using a ball of this paste that looks like thick honey. The paste is applied by hand and molded into the hair follicle. The hair is removed in the same direction of growth making it less irritating to the skin, creating a smoother and longer lasting result.  


Clients will still feel a slight sting from the root of the hair being removed from the tiny follicle, but there will not be the lasting burning sensation experienced when using resin based waxes that lift layers of living skin. Sugaring only lifts away dead skin and hair, resulting in less discomfort, less ingrown hairs, and about 1-2 weeks longer of being hair free. 

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