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Your appointment time is held just for you!

We do our very best to stay on time for each client.  We respect your time and  must insist on promptness.   

We adhere to a 24 hour cancellation policy for all services with the exception of any service longer than 2 hours, which requires a 48 hour cancellation.


*If you are late to your appointment we will do our best to accommodate you and the original service booked. However, we cannot promise the full service and you will be charged the full price of the original service booked.  


*If your appointment is cancelled or rescheduled after the cancellation window (24 HOURS) a 50% charge of the scheduled service(s) will be collected. No exceptions.


*​If your appointment is missed, it is considered a No-Show and is subject to 100% charge of the scheduled service(s).

*If your hair is too short, your skin is not suitable for service, you have started your cycle, or only want a portion of your services booked you are subject to a 50% charge of all original booked appointments.

*If you book the same service 2x, you will be billed for both. 



Thank you for your understanding, we can't wait to meet you!! 




 Please Arrive 5 minutes early, take a seat at the top of the staircase and please help yourself to a drink & sanitize before entering the studio.

We recommend using the towelette provided before we start your appointment, which can be found in your treatment room.


Before, during, & after we will explain each step of the service for all new clients. No need to be nervous.  


**If  "Aunt Flow" comes to visit, no worries, we can still accommodate the service with no problems. Please use a tampax and tuck the string. Pop an advil and you will be just fine.  CANCELLATIONS DUE TO MENSTRUATION AFER THE 24 HOUR WINDOW WILL BE CHARGED ACCORDINGLY. 





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