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All Hair should be about 1/4 inch all around, meaning no hairs shorter than 1/4th inch.  Equal to a pinkie nail or a grain of rice,  

or at least 10 days after shaving.

Anything longer than this, we recommend trimming, ONLY with a guard on your trimmer. Do not not not make your hair too short.   If your hair is too short to preform the service there is a 50% charge and your service will have to be rescheduled.   

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after hours appointments  

available upon request... with a

15% surcharge.

spray tan

Our tanning solutions are all natural and organic. We have been diligent about finding products that won't leave you with any orange hue, feeling sticky, or smelling funny. A range of tones are available, from light to extra dark to suit your skin tone just right.  The life of our tans range between 7-10 days - A little extra time if you use a tan extender.  See Post care below.




*8 HOUR- your basic full body tan. It is ready to be rinsed off in  8 hours or any time after. Color is a mild brown to medium dark.

This solution has very little bronzer, so you will not see the tan until it develops.


A gradual tan that can be rinsed off anywhere between 2.5-8 hours depending on desired result/darkness.



2.5-4 hrs= Light/moderate glow

4-6 hrs= medium brown bronze

6-8 hrs= dark brown/fully developed at 8 hours. The color you see immediately after your service will be the color of full development. 


This dry oil solution drys quickly, smells lovely, has No Orange hue, packed with moisturizes and antioxidants. YOU MUST take a 45 SECOND shower/rinse,lukewarm water only, no soap, pat dry.

It's a QUICK RINSE solution, but is considered a high quality, high performance tan.


*Express Tans can be rinsed off in as little as 1 hour, but can NOT be left on more than 5 hours! This tan offers more flexible rinsing time, and if your in a hurry this is the tan for you.



For best results, exfoliate at some point before your service. Do not moisturize. Your skin should be free of lotions & oils. A makeup free face is always best as well. Dark, loose fitting clothing is also highly recommended.   Rinse accordingly without soap, lukewarm water is best, and pat dry. 




Offering Lash extensions, Natural Keratin Lash Lifts, & everything else your lovely lashes desire! 

We use single synthetic, cruelty free     mink lashes, placed upon your lashes with a harm free glue that won't irritate your eyes. Our eyelash extensions last between 3-4 weeks, however we recommend a fill every 2-3 weeks for optimal results every time.  if you decide to wait 4 weeks or longer we charge for a full set based on the amount of work it takes to replace and replenish.  

**Please do NOT wear mascara to your eyelash appointments. it takes extra time to remove and takes time away from your  dedicated service time. You will be charged for mascara removal. We also require a 48 hour cancellation notice for all lash services.   Yes, we can do tans immediately after your lash service, YAY!  However, you cannot shower for 24 hours after the lashes or lift is applied to ensure they adhere or lift.

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