Cancelation Policy

Due to the time sensitive nature of our industry we follow a 24 hour cancellation policy for all services with the exception of lash services. For all lash services we follow a 48 hour cancellation policy.


A cancellation or reschedule must be done prior to 24 (or 48 for lashes) hours of the original appointment time.


*If the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled after the 24 (or 48 for lashes) hour period it is considered late and is subject to a 50% charge of the scheduled service(s).


​*If the appointment is missed it is considered a No-Show and is subject to 100% charge of the scheduled service(s).

*If your hair is too short or your skin is not suitable for service your are subject to a 50% charge.  


Thank you for your understanding!




WE LOVE CASH & can easily take Venmo payments!  


Upon arrival, take a seat and please help yourself to a drink.

We recommend using the wash closet before we start your appointment, which is situated in the hallway.


Before, during, & after we will explain each step of the service for all new clients. No need to be nervous.  


**If aunt flow comes to visit, no worries, we can still do the service with no problems. please use a tampax and tuck the string. Pop an advil and you will be just fine.  


See the contact page for parking.


what to expect

THE Sugar Scoop

Sugar is an ancient tradition, and the best known form of hair removal. It's less painful, more effective, and lasts longer.


A gloved hand holds the paste, made of all natural ingredients; sugar, water & lemon juice.  It is gently glided against the hair which enables it to penetrate the follicle, reaching far deeper than wax ever could.  With a quick "flick" of the wrist the sugar is removed, pulling the hair from the root in the SAME direction of the natural growth.  


Because this technique removes the hair in it's natutal growing direction it alleviates pain, tenderness, skin sensitivities, ingrown hairs, and hair grows back more sparsely, with longer lasting results.



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